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Why nuts?

Why do we choose nuts?

Eating nuts as part of a healthy diet may be good for your heart. Nuts contain unsaturated fatty acids and other nutrients. Most nuts appear to be generally healthy, though some may have more heart-healthy nutrients than others.

Ageing slow down

Early research suggests eating nuts helps to slow down the telomere shortening. Telomeres are repetitive DNA sequences at chromosome ends that prevent the loss of genomic DNA, protecting its physical integrity. Telomere length (TL) is a biomarker of aging: shorter telomeres associated with a decreased life expectancy and accelerated rates of age-related chronic diseases. Telomere erosion is increased by oxidative stress and inflammation. After studying the DNA of 5,582 randomly selected adults, scientists found those who consumed 5% of their total energy from nuts and seeds had more than 1.5 years of reduced cell aging.

Disease defender

Higher nut intake correlates with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, total cancer and all-cause mortality, and mortality from respiratory disease, diabetes, and infections. Twenty-nine publications were included in the meta-analysis. The summary review concluded  28 grams/day of nut intake reduced the risk of dying from numerous diseases.