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About Us

The origin of Scishine Co., Ltd., and our first product, MaxGrainta® nut milk, was based on the combination of Science and our spirit. We do believe that one experience could bring benefits to others. On top of everything, patience, determination, and destiny will be the crucial ingredients of success.

Our team are a group of Physiologists and Biomedical scientists who are working in the University as instructors and researchers. Our ultimate goal is to apply scientific research to treat and support patients. Would it be better if we had an understanding of how to prevent the disease since we were not yet sick? In parallel, we also aim to save people from becoming patients with three simple ways, i.e.,

1. choosing nutrients that are appropriate for individual health and age.
2. gaining proper level of physical exercise.
3. managing to have enough rest and less stress.

As long as these three factors are balanced, the healthy being will be maintained. However, it is not so easy to complete and balance these three factors when in reality one is living in urban society with hustle and bustle life and surrounded by the pollutions, undeniably making the search for the high quality of foods and drinks in the markets more difficult.

The Scishine Co., Ltd. was established with the strong motivation of applying Science to vitalize healthy living. We have developed our products based on scientific knowledge from basic understanding at the cellular level combining with the nutritional components that are suitable for individual health. Our intention is to create the best product with high quality of nuts and the natural extracts as our raw materials. The extracts were patented and published in international scientific publications. After one year of research and development, we are delighted to present here our three formulations of the sterilized nut milk, which have been authorized by the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand. The MaxGrainta®  nut milk offers health benefits to children, adults, the elderly, or patients who are requested to strictly control blood level of cane sugar, sodium, potassium, and phosphorus. The product indicates nutritional information for an appropriate choice of consumers. Importantly, our product development team does not neglect the tastiness with the right harmony of natural nut milk without artificial flavoring.

The Scishine Co., Ltd. has believed and firm determination that our initiative to apply scientific knowledge on food and drink production will create a smile of happiness and tastiness while promoting good health for people and the society